Hindalco’s Mouda plant joins the fight against COVID-19

28 April 2020

Mouda plant reopens to supply aluminium foil packaging for COVID medicines

Only manufacturer of high protection ‘Alu Alu foil’ in India

Mouda: In response to requests from pharmaceutical packaging companies who are facing an acute shortage of specialised packaging material for Covid treatment drugs, Hindalco’s aluminium foil plant in Mouda, near Nagpur, has resumed operations. The plant is the largest producer of pharmaceutical foil in India, supplying 30 per cent of the market.

In the current pandemic, foil made in Mouda, is being used for packing Chloroquine Phosphate tablets and Hydroxychloroquine sulphate tables and other critical drugs. Mouda is a key partner in the pharma value chain, which has been exempted from the nation-wide lockdown.

Pharmaceutical companies like Cadilla, Cipla, Sun Pharma, Ipca and Lupin have placed orders with foil converters like Bilcare, ACG, Sanwariya, Baddi, Paras, Supermak. These foil-converting companies procure pharma foil from Hindalco and convert it into packaging material by printing, coating and laminating bare foil.

Hindalco’s Mouda plant is the only producer of ‘Alu Alu foil’ – a specialised variety of aluminium foil, which provides critical medicines with superior protection against heat, light, moisture and bacteria. The plant also manufactures specialised alloy foils with cold forming properties, for packaging life-saving drugs.

Mr. Anantha Bhat, Plant Head, Mouda, said, “The Mouda plant is committed to supporting the nation in its fight against COVID-19. We have re-started plant operations to meet the demand for packaging of critical drugs for COVID treatment. We are following the guidelines issued by governmental authorities, and are focused on prioritising employee health and safety, while fulfilling our duty to our country.”

The company is following all governmental guidelines and protocols including operating with 50 per cent staff, ensuring social distancing, disinfection and sanitisation, distribution of masks and gloves, and screening and monitoring employees’ health and safety.

Apart from pharma foil from Mouda, Hindalco also supplies aluminium for manufacture of medical equipment like ventilators, testing booths and transformers for make-shift hospitals set up for COVID patients. 

Hindalco is the world’s largest aluminium value-added player. Its metal is widely used in defence, aerospace, transportation, electrical, building and construction, and packaging sectors.